Wedding Brochure

I thought I would include my wedding brochure as an on-line version only - Just doing a very little bit to help the planet by saving a few trees rather than printing it.

So your getting Married! - It is such an exciting time, making your dream day a reality. There are so many things to think about, not least who you will choose to take those precious photographs of one of the best days of your life.

Your photographs are one of the things that will last for your lifetime, and beyond, and that is why investment in the right photographer for you is worth every hard earned penny. If you are looking for a Photographer who cares deeply about your wedding images, is someone who is relaxed and organised, friendly, reliable and creative then look no further.

I want you to absolutely adore your wedding photo's and I take great pride in the photo's I capture and will give to you. When the delicious cake has been eaten, the beautiful flowers wilted, the amazing dress packed away, and the honeymoon is over, you will receive your wonderful wedding images to make you smile, laugh, cry happy tears and relive the best day ever again and again.

how i work

A week or so prior to your wedding I will meet you, or speak with you, to make sure I know all your detailed plans for the day and timings of everything, so I can best capture as much as possible for you. I can also offer you guidance on the photography aspect with certain parts of the day to help it run as smooth as possible for you.

I usually have two professional camera's with me at all times throughout the day, with different lenses to get the best photographs according to the space, light and subjects. All my lenses are professional and work very well in low light situations, such as churches. I also bring back up cameras and lenses just in case!

I usually arrive at the bridal preparations about 1½ to 2 hours prior to the ceremony time to capture all your lovely wedding details such as your flowers, shoes, jewellery and of course the amazing dress. I also like to capture the excitement of getting ready, having your hair and make up done, and sharing moments with your loved ones. I do this in the most unobtrusive and natural way possible. If time allows I will photograph the very final touches, doing up your dress, putting on your earrings. I love this part of the day!

I have to make sure I leave for the ceremony with plenty of time to enable me to capture the groom and his friends and family too. Also the guests arriving, and of course the Bride's arrival.

the ceremony

All the ceremony photographs, the exception being the signing of the register, are taken in a documentary style. I have to abide by any rules set by the Priest, Vicar or Registrar as to where I am allowed to be during the ceremony, but rest assured, I will be in the best possible position to capture the emotion. If possible I will also move to capture different perspectives, as discreetly as I can.

Once the ceremony is complete, the rest of the day runs in the order and way you want it too. You may want to do some classic close family group shots, and a fun confetti line before you leave the ceremony venue, Or you may want to head straight to your reception for your party to begin.

When doing group shots I would recommend you do these fairly soon after the ceremony and keep these as short and sweet as possible, with only the most important ones being done. They can take up more time than you anticipate, so I will definitely guide you on what is possible within a set amount of time. If you have more free time later on, you can always capture some more!

You may also want some Couple shots around the ceremony venue too, so don't forget to include a little time for these too.

the reception

I like to make sure I capture the Reception venue and details before any of the guests are allowed in the room, so I will sometimes do this aspect as soon as I arrive at the reception. Most of the photography here will be natural guest shots, of people enjoying themselves and mingling, with me being as discreet as possible.

I also like to take a walk with the Newly Weds away from your guests for 10 to 20 minutes to capture some lovely romantic shots - this is a great time for you two to be alone and soak it all up - probably the only time of the day you get to do this. I offer gentle direction to get the best out of the pictures and you don't have to worry about 'how to stand' etc - It will all look very natural.

I scout the venue prior to doing a wedding so I know the best places to do Couple shots to save a bit of time - Of course some venues have endless photogenic spaces, so I like to make sure we have a nice variety of scenes. How long you want to spend on your couple shots is totally down to you. What is definitely worth thinking about is having some time free to take a few shots together during the 'golden hour' when the sun is low and you can get some really beautiful shots. You are also probably at your most relaxed at this time too.

The photography of the speeches are all documentary style and I aim to capture the laughs and tears. Finally the Cake cutting and first dance (if you are having one!). It's a long day for me, but it's always a great day and I feel very privileged to be a part of it.

post production

My work doesn't end on the wedding day, in fact there is as much work afterwards as there is before and on the day itself. The first thing I do is back up the RAW camera files to ensure the images are as kept as safe as possible. I shoot in RAW format as it gives me the best editing possibilities. I then use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to edit each of the images which I choose to keep. Not all pictures are kept, due to duplicate shots or blinking etc.

My style of editing is to make the pictures soft and light, and enhancing any beautiful colours. I soften the skin and brighten areas if necessary - as you will see from my portfolio - I prefer light and colourful to dull and dark.

how to book me

Please use the contact form on the Contact page to check my availability for your chosen date and locations. If I'm available, I will send you a contract form for you to read, complete and return. There is a small non refundable deposit of £150 required to secure the date which goes towards the final balance. I accept payment by bank transfer - details will be on my contract form. That's it, once I receive your form and deposit I'll confirm your booking - If you want to meet me in person before you decide, that's no problem, just let me know and we can arrange to meet for a coffee!