I always find it difficult to talk about me. I mean what do people really want to know? Well I’ll keep it very brief!

It goes without saying really, that my main passion is photography.  It is my hobby and my full time job, although I am lucky in that I enjoy it so much it doesn’t actually feel like a job!  I have spent the past few years building up my photography business, and it’s gone from strength to strength – I am very proud of it and proud of the photographs I have taken. I care very much about getting wonderful images for people and I have had amazing feedback from them.  That makes me happy.

I love Nature. I love being in the countryside, by the seaside, in the mountains, down by the river, walking in the woods, or in fields of lush grass with buttercups and daisy’s.  You can tell I’m a nature lover in so many of the photographs I take.  I enjoy gardening and watching movies in my spare time. I am a big animal lover, especially so with Horses. They have always held a special place in my heart.

After losing my Dad suddenly I started to realise that I wanted a happier, more fulfilling life.  Making lots of money is fine, but this isn’t the be all and end all for me, I wanted to actually enjoy what I did for a living.  So after many years of working in Financial Services (yawn!) I finally got brave enough to quit and actually do something I LOVE!

Oh, last but not least, there is also other very important factors in my life – my family (including my cat). They are very supportive and I love them all to bits. X