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Hello, I'm Helen and I specialise in natural wedding photography in the Stamford, Rutland, Peterborough and Cambridge areas. I have had the privilege of capturing Weddings, Love and Happiness since 2012. I consider myself to be so lucky to take photographs for amazing people, on one of their Best Days Ever! My approach to photography is to be as natural as possible, with the majority of photos on the day being in a documentary 'as it happens' style. I also believe that it is nice to have a few photographs which are 'styled' by me to make the most of your chosen locations and produce stunning, romantic shots which you would only achieve with a professional photographer.

I am friendly and easy going, so I will soon put you, your friends and family all at ease with having your photos taken. I certainly won't let the photography take over your wedding day, and I will blend in with your guests so you hardly know I am there most of the time. I have had the most amazing feedback from all the weddings I have done, both from guests and couples themselves. It's a real privilege to photograph weddings and I throw my heart and soul into getting wonderful pictures for you.

My Philosophy

These Are the Days

The photos you put on your fridge & keep in your purse. The statement piece you hang on your wall. You see them everyday & they never fail to make you smile.
It doesn't matter if a photograph is not technically perfect. What truly matters is the feeling it gives you, the emotion, the memories, remembering the way you felt at that moment in time.
In the future you will look back, and your photographs will take you right back to that happy day. Today will one day be "one of the good old days".

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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever...it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten”